Wednesday, 8 February 2017

5 Electric Appliances Every Kitchen Should Have

It’s completely a personal choice that what equipment you want in your kitchen. Few of the must have kitchen appliances are commercial fridges, commercial microwave oven, food processor, Blenders, Juicers, professional coffee machine and much more. These are the few basic appliances that you must have in your kitchen.

1)  Refrigerators:

The capacity of your fridge will depend on its usage and the amount of people living in the house. The capacity is directly proportional to price; more capacity means more expensive. Buy a fridge that allows you to create space with adjustable shelves. Measure the space available at home and keep in mind the approximate space you require to easily pull open the doors. 

2)  Microwaves:

It was essentially used to heat cooked food, but the newer versions can cook and bake too. 
What to look for when buying: Consider the oven size and its wattage. Buy one with variable settings and an easy user interface. Remember to check if it has an automatic turntable which makes the heating quicker. You can also opt for one with an additional functionality that allows you to grill veggies and meats.  

3)  Blender: 

Used to essentially blend, mix or puree solid substances. 

What to look for when buying: A traditional blender consists of a blender jar with a blade at the bottom rotated by a motor. Look for a sturdy jar and sharp blades. Something that is easy to clean and maintain is an added advantage. Ensure that the blender can break down items such as grains, fruits and vegetables. Depending on the use, decide the amount of voltage you need.

4)  Food processor:

Necessary for all matter of kitchen tasks, the food processor makes fast work of slicing, chopping, blending, pureeing and kneading.  This is the one tool that can do so many things in the kitchen. A larger 12-cup or more capacity is really handy if you have a family to feed, or you like to double or triple whatever recipe you're working on. 

5)  Coffee Maker: 
Now day's coffee makers have become a standard appliance for most households. They are typically put in the same category as the microwave oven the or stove, something that our society can not live without. They are very simple to operate and require very few supplies. All that is needed to make a cup of coffee is coffee, coffee filters and water.  If you drink a large amount of coffee on a regular basis, it makes sense to go with a drip maker. For quality and ease of use, this programmable model is tough to beat. Set it at night and wake to freshly ground, brewed and stored drip coffee.